Are you worth it?

There was a direct email that was sent to my boss today that said “You deserve to own a private beach in Bali” and the ad went on about the pool, service, etc.  It occured to me, who really ‘deserves’ anything material beyond what we have been given?  We could say that there are people that deserve more respect or deserve more credit, but a private beach in Bali?  Something that is difficult for me to grasp with capitalism and marketing/advertising is the concept of ‘your worth it’.  Companies feed the self-esteem and ego and these same companies are more than willing to see that you have things to make you feel or appear a certain way.  But you’ll pay later (‘we don’t need to talk about the silly details of how, now’). 

We saw more and more self-deserving expectations with Gen-Y’ers that got out of college and expected to make $100k.  What is it in our culture that is pushing people to think that they know more and deserve more than someone else?  Someone that may have a real understanding of life, of life experience, and capable of modesty?  So I’m asking myself what I really deserve.  More respect for myself? definitely.  More love for myself? of course.  A trip to the Four Season’s Hawaii?  ummm, deserve?  I would say, maybe I have saved up some money and it would be a great way to indulge.  But I can’t say that I deserve it.

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