The lobster of the vegetable kingdom

Maybe it is spring fever that we are all experiencing but I can’t help but be embracing life after skipping out of work this morning for an awesome yoga class with Tracy at Saraswati yoga in Norwalk.  One week after a wind & rain storm that declared this area a national disaster site, we seem to all be embracing the near 70-degree sunshiney weather.  The office is cleared out at the time of writing this at 4:30pm.  I’m out of here shortly also to run to Ridgefield Organics.

Maybe asparagus is in season and I can fire up the grill tonight!  When I think of spring vegetables I can’t help but get a little bummed about the artichoke situation here in Connecticut.  People don’t embrace it like west coasters where it is served in the spring like a potato might be during winter months – at least once a week next to the main course with a side of melted butter.   The good ones are about the size of two fists put together and steamed to perfection.  The texture is at once firm but melts quickly in your mouth, like a tender lobster might dripping with butter.  I can almost taste it as I write this.  That to me represents spring.  blooming forward.

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