A fresh business & life model

My boss is currently travelling to the west coast.  He is originally from San Jose so he spent the weekend at Auberge resort in Napa with friends before continuing on to San Francisco for business meetings.  Once there he met up with the Bay Area sales manager and visited multiple clients and sought honest feedback.  Taking a step back, let me say first that the financial wing of the conglomerate I work for does not do a lot of business out west.  My first five years here was primarily as the coordinator for their monthly board meetings.  These meetings covered not only administrative matters but primarily was there to approve deals.  Big deals.   These are the deals that make up a large part of the 300 billion dollar portfolio.  Buying a large share of a national bank, a fleet of jets (did you know that most airlines lease their planes?), a large chunk of a trendy clothing chain (so much for being alternative & rebellious).  So, with most of the deals that I saw go through, very few of them were based on the west coast.  I inquired why and got a surprising and uncomfortable chuckle from my boss.  His response is what leads me back to my bosses current trip and the seemingly overall East Coast outlook on West Coast businesses, which has been echoed by other executives within this organization: they care too much about their employees.  “Like Japan, their executives would take a zero salary instead of laying people off”.

The reason I am mentioning this today is because as I was getting ready for work, I was listening to the mp3 of the last lecture from yoga teacher training (session #2).  In it, Mitchel discussed the People before Profits business model which brings abundance to everyone versus the Profits before People model that does the opposite.  In my words, it suffocates the majority and filters the riches & abundance to the top few.

So, I sit at my work desk wondering how to be true to myself by being my true self.  I have found ways to appreciate that I am here.  That I have fought for customer rights and been that direct contact these people have with the rest of the world (their world is limited to their business partners who tend to be the overwhelming majority of their friends or the people who serve them and therefore do not disagree with them to their faces).  My challenge, is to be comfortable here as uncomfortable as it may be.  The point is to be present and mindful of this moment we are in.  As Mitchel said in class last night, which got a few chuckles due to its clichéd yet always true meaning on several levels: “wherever you go, there you are”.  So, even while working at a Profits before People company, I myself can remain a People before Profits person.

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