Turning your back to the sunrise

I was talking with someone recently and was told that she had a lot of regrets over the past.  Repent: feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about.  I was thankful at that moment that my Mom pulled us kids out of Catholic system when I was five years old.  I never got to that lecture where everyone is told they are worthless beings unless the church tells us we are not.  So, here I am, listening and wondering how to help this person resolve this issue.  I cannot do the work for her because it is her decision to feel that way.  Keep in mind that what we are talking about does not involve harming anyone else but rather about this woman’s level of success.  What she thought she should have been at this age.  She has taken a some tumbles with her career but other than that has a great marriage and wonderful daughter.

So, here I am as the friend, listening.  With what I am going through on my yoga journey, I want to express to her that life is short and this type of regret is not taking her anywhere that will lead her way out of it.

What we do so often in our lives is have misdirected goals and we sell ourselves way too short.  In this case, I want to but cannot point out to this person that the past is done, gone and finished.  It is as real as a dream you had last night.  Look at the riches we have, look at our health, our experiences and the gifts that this life has given us – the collective and breathe it in.  Are you breathing in regrets and negative words or are you breathing in that moment you met the love of your life, graduated college, stood on the edge of the Grand Canyon?  Every morning, we are given a new opportunity to experience this life.  The sun promises to rise to meet us every morning and it is our choice on how we are going to greet it.  Granted, I know some days that involves laying on the couch with a cold and bottle of Nyquil but for the rest of the time, look at the gift we have been given.  Once you realize you are worthy to receive that beautiful gift, you start to see it lies within yourself and you realize that rising sun, that beautiful mid-day sun and each day’s gorgeous sunset is within you.

So now you can ask yourself, what are you going to do with that beauty?  Are you going to ignore it and go on your way eating poor quality foods, stressing over what other people are doing wrong that cause you inconvenience, neglect your body with lack of physical exertion, neglect or take for granted your intimate relationships?  Why waste such a beautiful gift as this day looking back at what wasn’t when everything we need is right here?   What can happen to us if we set our personal goals based on our personal desires while respecting that we are all connected by this beautiful day? What happens if we take responsibility for ourselves in this moment and going forward?  What choices do we make about our goals?

As I leave home this morning for today’s yoga TT, I could not think of a better moment to be in right now. I am not trying to oversimplify something but explain that things are actually simple in their beauty.  If you have thoughts on this, please let me know.  I would love the discussion.

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