The Glory of The Shiva-Shakti Principle.

Written by Acharya Kedar for the Supreme Meditation Ashram (located in New Milford, CT)

Sat Chit Ananda Guru Ki Jay.

Shaivism, the worship of the Shiva-Shakti principle, is the highest Yoga. And the purpose of Yoga is the transformation of human consciousness into Divine Consciousness. There is no disparity between worldly life and spiritual aspiration. In fact, the path of Yoga harmonizes these two in the culmination of the yogi’s practice — that of seeing God inside and outside everywhere. Once Liberated, Shiva-Shakti reveals to the yogi the fact that this world is perfect, is glorious in all its expressions, and is, in Truth, a Play of Divine Consciousness.


To begin to understand Yoga, one must believe that ANYONE (starting with you) can become a Saint, a Liberated being, with the right spiritual guidance and practice. If you believe that God only dwells in heaven and that he looks down on us in judgement and punishment, you will find it difficult to embrace the application of Shaivism in everyday life.

To begin to understand Yoga, you have to be willing to, at least, open yourself to the possibility that God actually dwells inside you and that you carry the promise of becoming one with God; in fact, that you already are God.


This entire Universe exists inside you. This entire cosmos exists inside a human being. When you experience something, anything, where do you experience it? When you see an object, hear a sound, feel a sensation, where do you experience that? And who is the knower of that experience?

In Shaivism, we refer to God as Shiva-Shakti, the Divine principle or God-principle of Supreme “I” Consciousness that threads through everything created and uncreated in this Universe. Shiva and Shakti are one. When I say Shiva, I am referring to the Shiva-Shakti principle and when I say Shakti, I am referring to this same Shiva-Shakti principle.

This Shiva-Shakti is the Absolute, Anuttara (Paramashiva-Parashakti), by whose light and activity the entire Universe is created, sustained, and withdrawn. Shiva is both Prakasha and Vimarsha; both the light that is above activity (that which gives light to what we know as physical light); and the active energy that contracts to take the form of the objects that we have come to know as people, places and things. Shiva-Shakti is the Supreme subject, the witness to all that takes form and to all that is formless. The Supreme subject, Shiva, through his Shakti, then takes the very form of all the objects in this Universe. Shiva-Shakti actually conceals her true nature from herself in order to take the form of that which allows Shiva to survey himself. In this way, the entire Universe is brought into being.

The objects that we have come to know as people, places and things are all but reflections of this Supreme subject, Shiva-Shakti. Without the Subject, there is no object since the object is merely an abhasa, a reflection of that one Self. Shiva is the knower, that which is known, and the process of knowing.

As is said in the great Svacchanda Tantra
“Na Shivam Vidyate Qua Chit”

Nothing exists that is not Shiva-Shakti, that Primordial being.
Nothing that is not Shiva exists anywhere.

Sat Chit Ananda Guru Ki Jay.

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