yoga power activate! Form of… (fill in the blank with water or animal here)

After a week of having a rib issue I had a one hour session with Mitchel Bleier this morning.  I learned so much that are beyond what I could get in a class where we are rushing through poses with little time to set up.  If you are a serious yoga student, I cannot recommend highly enough taking the time and little extra money to invest in some personal sessions with an instructor that you trust.  A good instructor will be able to identify the body’s weak spots and place them in a position to strengthen without stressing them and more fully benefitting from your asana practice.  This will allow you to become a little more aware of your body’s positioning.  Once again, it seems like a weekly thing for me lately, but my yoga asana practice has just felt a bit more natural after today’s session.

Based on the recommendation of others at the studio, I also picked up Mitchel’s asana one CD and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home practice or to take with you on the road.  You can upload it at but the cd sleeve might be helpful for those that sometimes forget the Sanskrit names of poses.

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