Bending to the beat of a new drummer

Ask an instructor if music should be played during class and you’ll get a passionate response.  Some studio’s have techno DJ’s and others saying the body needs a quiet environment to focus.  Some instructors really do not like that it sets a tone for the student to keep up with and creates a beat in their breath work, in-out-in-out.  Other instructors like music as a peripheral experience outside of the body.  I guess in simple terms, it forces the person to go deeper inward like a meditation where you can observe the outside sounds but not absorb or judge them.  They just are there.

Personally, I love music.  It guides me and my body.  Music is such a primal experience in whatever form it takes – from bagpipes (intense) to harpsichord (mild) to drums (intense) to pop (fun).  I never really paid attention to the force of music until I started listening to my husband play guitar and he needed a drummer, call me the Meg White of home bands, and I rediscovered beats.  Dancing, moving the body to a ‘1-2-3 and kick’ was the same as the beat of blues based music and that made sense to me!  Bringing this beat into the yoga studio, I think of the pattern of a beating heart and the beat of an inhale and exhale, the rhythm and pulse can be as quick or relaxed as you need to be.  Just as you may want to listen to punk music in the morning, your body will tell you what beat it wants to move along with.  Music inside of the yoga studio might help guide you and if you want to take a half beat or double time then you can.  Music can pull you out of your head so that you can follow the way it moves your body.

Either way, if you find yourself in a studio without music, do you find your mind wondering or are you thinking about laundry?  Music might just help you dance to the beat of your yoga practice by tuning into the timing of your positioning and breath work.  If you find yourself in a studio with music, are you getting tense or annoyed by it or caught day dreaming?  Pay attention to how your body is responding and tune into those points to keep them loose while moving into proper alignment of each pose.  Ultimately, trust that your breath is carrying the perfect beat for you.  Meg White couldn’t hold a drumstick to that.

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