Dreaming yoga

Happy, beautiful Sunday to you!  I’ve been having yoga dreams recently.  In one of them I was pronouncing poses such as catarunga parivrita ukitasasna. I knew what it meant in my dream but I have no idea what it means while I am awake! My mind is organizing all of this information and hopefully working on storing it in my mental hard-drive where no password is needed.

Last night’s dream was the most fun.  Prior to going to bed, my husband and I were talking about his health and after years of belonging to everything from Gold’s to Equinox to private clubs and tennis clubs, we’re tired of the machines.  So that night, I had a dream that all the gyms in the US were closing down because people realized they didn’t need them and that yoga offered enough variation and got people to the point of optimal health and people don’t get bored of it because 1) it can be done anywhere and 2) it doesn’t matter where you do it because the experience you have is up to you! If you are bored, that’s your mind, if you have fun, that’s your mind – tune in and/or tune out.  I thought the dream was pretty funny but I do strongly believe there is a place for gyms and anything and everything that promotes health on this planet.  As Elle says in Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.”.  Maybe that last line is off point but it’s funny.

I’m off to teacher training.  On the agenda today: Seated and supine forward bends, discussing forms and actions of those poses, asana practice, practice teaching sun salutations and wrap up with a sweet savasana.

Have a beautiful day!

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