Mind over super-ego

I heard someone today say that John Stewart is pure id.  So I am here trying to regrasp the concepts of id, ego and super-ego.  I haven’t thought of this since college wanting to be a nurse practicioner yet at that point I was all about guys and going out.  So here is my attempt, keeping in mind that this is one night of reading over 20 years of forgotten information: id: primal desires toward aleviating pain by creating pleasure.  This is simple enough.  This is the piece that creates the impulsive, fuck consequences I want what I want and I want it now side of life. super-ego: the part of the mind the Catholic church loves to manipulate in its deciples – guilt.  It is the part of the mind that is telling you that you should be doing more with your life but then tells you that you aren’t worthy enough and since you aren’t worthy, you better go repent because giving up would make you even more of a loser.  God I hate that voice in my head.  I will admit though that it does serve us and interestingly enough, is the key thought process missing in the minds of girls in horror films – it helps us make safe decisions also. Then there is the ego: the moderator.  Attempting to merge the two and find a place where the mind can be fully awake and inspired by our desires and the conscious and subconscious thoughts agree to the terms of the settlement.  It can be a beautiful thing like a cool creek on a warm day or it can be a wild racing bucking horse.  It wants us to live life fully but within reason.  It wants us to live a full, long life but doesn’t exactly want us to be broke nor without life experience.  This is the piece of the mind I’m interested in.

Perhaps yoga is best at quieting the voice of the super-ego in an attempt to look at what we truly desire in life.  Very often on the mat I will move into a pose, following the form of where my body should be then move into the functions of where it should be contracting and extending and then I hear myself “it’s not deep enough. you’re too tight from sitting all day long. you’re too old for this. your nail polish is cracking and looks horrible.” you get the idea.  But hearing this, through my breathing, I am able to stop that voice and have a conversation with it.  I realize that I have a choice to listen and can even block it out and say what I want.  This is similiar if not exactly what is done in hypnosis. I’m speaking to the secondary voice “look how far I’ve come. this is the best part of the day and there is nowhere else I would want to be right now. look how strong I am! feel my breathing expand the rib cage. I so love the feeling of being in such a beautiful pose and if I can let go and relax into it, I find my perfection at this moment.”  That is the healthy ego.

Is your inner voice telling you what you can and cannot do?  You can do whatever it is you dream to do and even if you never get there, you will find the journey is beautiful in itself.  We are mortal for a reason and to not do anything but embrace the beauty in that, life is wasted.  As Mitchel stated recently, we are each an infinite finite thing.  So I let my super-ego relax and find that I am happier and people are drawn to me.  I relax more and find what many of us really desire: a healthy ego.

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