Minimizing risk to make room for growth

In an attempt to seek enlightenment, forcing the awakening, people can have an explosive experience.  Most of us have known someone that has been so absorbed in a philosophy like Christianity to Scietology (UFO’ers) that s/he pushed to a point of obsessiveness and you found yourself wanting to avoid that person at all cost.  That person lost perspective on everything except this experience they are chasing and are blinded by what they think they will have at the end rather than seeing that the engaged life is the process that brings us to enlightenment.

It is important that we trust that the universe is never out to get us.  It does nothing but love each one of us.  It is the beloved.  It does not want anyone to mentally implode or find disability from life but how you act in it, if you do things stupidly without thought or intelligence or knowing what is optimal, you increase your risk of bad things happening.  Just like on the yoga mat, if you move yourself forcefully you will injure yourself. If you move with your truth and apply it to that moment with the variables of your life at that moment, you narrow risk and chance of success improves.

Thank you Mitchel!

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