New goal no goals

I was stuck home yesterday not feeling at the top of my game.  I used the day to organize my bedroom. I found it to be so much easier now due to my mind being in a relaxed state than in years past when I rushed through the days.  I came upon some of my old journals  – scattered all over, in a bin here, with jewely over there, next to my scarves, etc.  I gathered them up and glanced through them.  There is definitely a theme in my life and I can say that yoga has brought me to the place I wanted to be.  The odd thing about what I was struggling with was my language.  I knew I needed discipline, a routine and the big one, goals (!) in order to be this other person I wanted to be.  Over and over I wrote about it but what I didn’t realize is that the mainstream wording was too extreme.  I realize now that finding grace in my life is about the journey and about the doing.  Knowing the direction is key but most importantly, pointing oneself in that direction and living that journey each day is what brings the change but the irony is that there really is no end result.  What I mentioned in my earlier post about relaxing the mind in order for the mind to operate at its fullest capability, intellectually and creatively, is exactly what I have learned.  Misery and depression can come from not feeling you’ve accomplished anything that you’ve set out to do or that others don’t understand but really, if you point yourself in a certain direction, your life – you, will become happier, content, fuller and richer for the experience, whatever the outcome and that is where happiness exists.

I was listening to some radio show recently and this person was talking about how things can happen to people, huge life changing events like actors getting their first big role in a movie or winning the lottery or getting married but after the newness of the event wears off, the people are the same as they were before this thing happened.  The finish line is not what changes people.  Nothing changes until we change ourselves through taking resposibility for your own life.  That doesn’t happen at an end point, it happens in each moment.

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