Your self worth in the mirror

I recently posted the following quote: “When looking in the mirror most people are lucky if they even see themselves, guru’s see what is behind them.”  I was speaking with a good friend of mine last night and she told me about someone who can’t even look himself in the mirror.  He has struggled with his own demons his entire life and continues to take the easy path, hurting people who love him and himself along the journey.  It is never too late for someone to turn his or her life around.  It is not possible to have a transcendental experience and become another person.  You are who you are with all of your experiences that you view as beautiful or ugly or somewhere in between, that brought you to this moment.  It is possible to shed the demons and allow the best, shiniest most brilliant part of yourself to be the primary feature of who you are.  The best of the best person that resides inside of yourself, that accepts flaws as lessons, lives without guilt and with love and respect for not only yourself but those around you.  When you do this type of work, personal responsibility sets in and there is no room left for being a victim of life.  When you do this type of work, you can look not only at yourself in the mirror but also see what is what is behind you.

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