When are you going to see its you?

What is the universe? It is you, my love.

Most of us know someone that suffers from depression or low self-esteem.  It is so common in our culture to just ride the wave to the shore on synthetic ideas of what got us on the wave.  To be more specific, people that don’t take the time to reflect on who they are and be comfortable with that person is going to be miserable.  Now, there are the people that are happy living obliviously by consuming things they think will make them happy in the moment but the drive to own more is uncomfortable and only temporarily eased when the consumer indulges in whatever it wants at that moment.  Whether that is a new shirt, a car or sex.  Once you taste it, you are uncomfortable until you get more.  Either way, it is exhausting and you’re left with a bunch of stuff that is external and not really helping you be a stronger and happier self.

So, where is the solution to life’s suffering?  It’s simple: be true to who you are, find what you desire and go after what you want.  This is not what society expects of you.  This is not what your parents expect of you, this is not what you expect of yourself to prove to your college classmates you are worthy – this is what you, deep down at the core, you, desires.  If you ask yourself that question and are honest with the answer, I promise you it will not be money.  It will not be material.  If you envision a house, your vision will actually be closer to the actions happening in the house, e.g. an artist’s studio or gourmet kitchen for cooking meals that nourish people you love.  The problem is, we don’t take ourselves there often enough.  We seem to not know how.  But it is right in front of us.  Breathe!  Listen to your breath, listen to your heart, strip away every thought except love and build on that.  You will see something.  If you practice meditation, sitting and listening to your breath for 10 minutes per day, that something becomes clearer and clearer and more purposeful.  The synthetic life that is offered to us to lose 10 pounds, dress well, look younger, take the dream vacation – they all fall away like confetti in a parade landing on the ground and being useless to us.  Health, life and happiness is within you – right this very moment.  When are you going to let yourself experience it?

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