exploring is part of the journey

I’m working on my crazy ass yoga final exam.  Oh my goodness!  “What does yoga mean to you? explain in 3-5 pages drawing from the history of yoga and how it applies to modern life”.  And that is just question #1!!!!  I’ll buckle down this weekend and do it.  In the meantime, the walls of my bedroom look like there was a post-it note rave on my walls covering the history, Goddesses, thoughts… yikes.

Yesterday I posted to facebook a small list of ten things to do to live a rockstar lifestyle – something I pulled from intent.com.  It took me 30 years to realize that when you’re passionate about something and let it take over your life, it becomes your life and you’ll be really good at it! duh.  So, prior to teacher training I mentioned to my Power Yoga teacher that I would be going through the program at Saraswati.  Her first reaction was “Great! You can teach here!”.  I love the idea.  Lyn is such a great woman and I like that studio, as well as her style.  I decided to do a three month mentoring under her and after that, can start teaching there.  It’s power yoga – different than I thought I would be doing but I realized, I will never regret doing it and have the choice if I will want to practice it or not.  It’s just more information to have under my belt.  Where Saraswati lives the Tantric philosophy (anasura leaning) and the yogic life is led by following your desires and listening to your intentions, the Power Yoga is based on Yamas and Niyamas – the rules of life (e.g. non-harming, etc.).  Where one is freedom, the other lays out a plan.  So, that’s the plan: to continue exploring.

Have a beautiful day!!

With love and gratitude.

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