Donna’s Basics class: notes from the field

A steamy July 13th at 10AM, outside, buses rush by and seem to magnify the stillness inside the studio. No music is played.

new students: Elizabeth and Georgia; pregnancy: no big twists; chattaranga: bend elbows slightly out to the side; hold poses longer in a basic class than an open (but keep active breath pace), focus on the breath.  Don’t worry about the postures, follow your breath, ride the wave of your breath.

Donna: take a comfortable seat, space in your teeth, breathe into awareness.  Breathe at a comfortable pace, filling your lunges, follow the breath, to the space around your heart, expand from within yourself.

Theme: Yoga is sensory: touch, feel, sound, begin to see your inner landscape, tastes, physical beauty: presence and essence (reads a poem) re: yoga is contact: breathing, moving, awareness, how you move your body, breathing into your thoughts, you become aware of who you are and who you come into contact with.

Breath into your belly, heart and thoughts, breathe in and let go, soften from the inside.  Begin audible breathing…

Down dog to uttanasana to lunge (left foot steps back), root right heel, engage back leg, breathe and tone, step frton foot to meet the back foot to Down dog to plank, drop knees, thights, slide chest forward to cobra to down dog, bend knees (to help engage knes as wide as ankles, engage thighs).

step to the top of the mat, Right leg back lunge back to down dog

2nd round with right leg up, high lunch, instead of uttanasana, feet mat distance apart at the top of the mat for a shoulder stretch.  Repeat sequence on the 2nd side.

Next round of vishistasana II, twisted lunge

Next round, chattarange, lower down, Right arm parallel on front of mat, reach inside of Left foot, scoop tailbone, lift chest; switch sides.  Front arm roots down.

ardha utkatasana, side angle, push with front foot, (spot by grabbing back leg, turn chest open, engage inner thigh of back leg)

down dog to pigeon: enjoy sinking into the right hip, step into the maybe, enjoy this pose and the emotions it may bring up.  (emotions vs. memories?)

Pigeon to bridge pose, (spot by knees hold students knees in and opposite arm to opposite knee)

Happy Baby, hands on outside, cradle knee, extend to side with straight leg), right ankle on left knee roll over to right, hug knees into chest roll to sit up, extend legs out.

Tighter students, strap to help keep back more in line or blanket under the butt to avoid lordosis

Savasana: hands on the side or on the belly, feel the breath.

The body may be healthy but without a healhy mind, the soul (heart) will be in unrest.  Calm the mind through the breath.  Yoga is contact and awareness.

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