Taken from my test… this is a draft version of what I’m working on.  The test question is to define the word and apply it to a yoga class. 

Sarasvati – The once flowing river Sarasvati in India, now more often recognized as the Goddess of knowledge, poetry, art, literature.  She is the consort of Brahman.

By choosing Sarasvati I’m pushing the boundary of my comfort knowing that the readers of this paper have a deep understanding of Saraswati.   Water plays an important part of my life, showing up in some form (a flowing river, fog, a black lake) in almost every dream I’ve recalled since I was a child.  I also chose to have it manifested and tattooed onto my hips (Swadhisthana chakra) as an attempt to strengthen the awareness of my emotions and creative energy.  It is the Goddess Sarasvati that invites people to find the beauty in life through true knowledge, art, poetry, education and music.  Modern life has evolved so that our culture is very language (verbal: noise) and visual based,  that life seems to stay in the impulsive part of our mind.  What Saraswati brings to us is the opporutnity to communicate with our spirit, our emotions and soul.  It goes beyond simply telling a story but the arts help us ‘feel’ the experience of another being.  Life operates with the heart, intuition and mind in sync.  With this balanced perspective, life’s view widens, the clutter dissolves and we realize that we are a collection of beautiful individuals with unique stories and we are all, together sharing this experience of life.

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