The thought of meditation

Meditation is one of the eight fold path.  It is the discipline of quieting and managing the mind through practice of mindfulness.  By paying attention to something, that thing becomes more familiar, we can understand how it works, its triggers, its weaknesses and it’s strengths.  In Buddhism, this is sometimes referred to as ‘Taming the Bull’.  The first time I heard this, it was a comic book story with a little boy and a bull and went something like this:  A little boy with a pet bull.  Without guidance, the bull becomes wild and out of control creating chaos for everyone around it.  The boy realizes that the only way to tame the bull, is by getting to know it.  Through meditation, he comes to greet his mind (the bull), to create a relationship with the bull and befriends it.  Soon, he is walking next to the powerful bull down a path.  The relationship continues and the boy rides on the back of the bull and begins to direct the movement of the now gentle but still powerful bull.  Continuing further, the boy and bull become one through continued meditation practice and enlightenment is achieved.

If you’re interested in taming your bull, maybe not with the goal of enlightenment but just a quieter mind, better sleep, more attention given to what is in front of you, The Chopra Meditation Center is offering a free 21 day challenge.  The meditations begin at 12 minutes and work their way up to 30 and return back down to 12 minutes.  Every day a new meditation is emailed to you and can be downloaded via mp3.  Several yogan friends are participating in the process and are getting a lot of out of it.  I am participating as well.  If you sign up, let me know how it works for you!

With love,


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