Meditation challenge, day 2

Through some amazing fellow students at Saraswati, I recently found out about and joined in on the Chopra Meditation Centers 21 day meditation challenge.  This is a free meditation that begins with a simple 12 minute meditation and works its way up to 30 minutes and back down to 12 minutes.  I will be journaling some of my experiences here.

Day One: distration distraction what’s your function?  Door knocking, dog barking, let it go.

Day Two: one week later I finally got around to it.  A breath centering meditation that I just completed.  How can 12 minutes be so powerful?  I feel like I took a really great nap.  I sat on the floor in the center of my messy office and listened.  I thought I would be annoyed by the speakers voice but it actually is starting to be OK with me.  I began to pay attention to my breath, he guided me through and allowed me to be with it.  My mind wandered: I need to call the neighbor, I need to run a certain errand, there isn’t enough time! Then the meta thought pulls me back to my original intention: Be here, just for a few minutes, be here.  I gave that to myself and another distraction popped up: I need to eat smaller food portions… wait, come back to the breath. OK, I got there.  About 4 breaths later, I’m there. I’m with myself with my weightless body for for that moment, perfect. We open our eyes and the world is perfect.  I feel love for the universe and know it is not out to get me or you.  It wants us to feel peace and love and yes, understanding.  So, I can now begin my day, cleaning the house, the kitchen, etc. and be OK with being here – not 5 hours ahead of myself.  I will see how long this lasts today but this is a great start.  With love to you! -k.

The Chopra meditation challenge is free and available for download here.  Registration is quick and there is nothing to buy nor do they send additional emails.  Just the one email every day along with a bit of reading to go along with it.  namaste.

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