My Power Yoga dilemma

There is a yoga studio just down the street from me.  It’s a beautiful space, wonderful instructors that introduced me to Baptiste style Power Yoga two years ago.  It seemed to blend Bikram and Vinyasa nicely and powerfully.  It is heated, intense and athletic yet doesn’t have smelly carpet and there is a mix to the routine so the mind doesn’t wonder during the asanas.  The yamas and niyamas are subtly mentioned during the class.  After class, I feel like I’ve had a great run.

The instructor/owner just opened this studio last fall and I started taking the classes. There is no music and the large brown wall sometimes throws off my drishti but the workout is great.  Since completing my yoga teacher training with Saraswati, my heart has opened more toward the love, the texts, the message and less on the workout.  Don’t get my wrong, the asanas are still a very important part of my tapas (focus & discipline) but I feel by knowing and understanding the message, the asanas happen more naturally and gracefully than having a scheduled workout which, as Mitchel says ‘discipline will exhaust you’.  I leave Saraswati feeling like I’ve had a great run and a great nap and am completely rested.

The dilemma is personal for me.  I am friendly with the owner  of the Power studio and she is looking for teachers and offers a three month Power Yoga mentoring program so that I could sub at the studio ($500).  The style is specific and much more intense physically than Saraswati.  How do I say this.  Saraswati is an incredibly intense class also but you don’t necessarily focus on strengthening one leg through 5 long held poses in a row.  On occassion at Saraswati people rest on the mat but in a Power class everyone does as some point during class.  I liken the difference between having a boyfriend next door that you know really well: he’s reliable and fun and right there. Then there is the guy across town that is a little more worldly and open to life but is still totally into you and there for you.  Paul might not like the comparison but as I write this, I realize that he is my Saraswati.  I think I have my answer and will have to save the yoga next door for winter weekends when I don’t want to wander far from home.

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