People do not change

People do not change.  People are not transendental.  What people can do is move their life in a different direction and become more of who they are, shifting the core of what is important to them and shedding what is no longer of value.  A person does this by moving their life in a certain direction.  With every day that passes, we become more of what we are doing.  In each moment we have an opportunity to be that person we want to be: to be present with yourself and who you are, you become that person.  Shed the limitations you have set for yourself and be there.

Every so often over the years I have heard people say ‘just fake it’.  Other people have dismissed this as false action.  Because of the paragraph above, I believe that by ‘faking it’ we are actually doing and becoming ‘it’, however you define what that means to you.  When you are doing something and are present whether faked or not, it is who you are in that moment.  The side note is the ‘of course’ to this and that is if the ‘faking it’ is done out of a lie or with the intention to betray.  But then, you’re just a lier and betrayer. 🙂

With love,


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