The yoga stalls the world’s noise seems louder

It has been one year since I started taking my yoga seriously. These last two weeks have been the most I have stepped away from it. I have practiced twice. I have not really read anything. I have not meditated. I feel the stress of people when they speak of Lindsay Lohan and how bad they feel for her. I feel stress at the loss of my dog and no way to channel how intensely I miss her bulldog smell and companionship on morning’s like this. For the last twelve and a half years, she would always sit on my left side and sleep while I typed, read the paper or watched TV. I am right now sitting in her spot. It’s weird. My mom is here and I’m running around with her wanting to show her everything. She is now almost 70 and not as mobile as she once was. I see so much of her pain as lifestyle induced and it is adding to my pile of rotating stressful thoughts.

So here I am. Sunday morning. Tired. 90 minutes from teaching and wanting to go back to sleep. Once there I will feel alive and awake but right now I want to retreat. I have to wonder what got me away from my practice? Within a short period, I began to let life happen to me. I began to feel passive and out of control with my sleep, my diet (cookies anyone? It’s the new breakfast of champions) and I let go. I know what I need to do: breathe. Be here now. Stop thinking of what everyone else has going on and breathe. I am so thankful for the gifts that I have been given. My husband, my Mom that is visiting from Seattle, my wonderful neighbors that stopped by to introduce themself to my Mom. I have to let go a bit and be OK with it. I have to give Betty time to exit my life and grow stronger in my heart. I have to be thankful for this beautiful day in front of me for not what it is not, but for all the things it is.

With love.

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  1. Lovely post and sorry about your dog! Wish you all the best in your yoga practice!


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