Stop forcing yourself to go against your gut

To get the most out of life and reach our potential, very often we need to do things that are not comfortable.  There seems to be two approaches that might disguise themselves as the same thing: discipline and going against your gut.   There is a big difference between the forcing yourself to study, to really understand the complexities of a political issue, to get yourself to a yoga class after it has been a month and find yourself struggling on the mat, plain old determination and forcing yourself to go against your gut. 

Going against your gut is spending time with someone who exhausts you, does not recognize your potential or even who you are.   It is also going along with what society tells us we need to be doing.  If you have a corporate job you are one thing verses working with an independent business; if you have children you’re one way and if you choose not to (or cannot) society puts us into another category.  Life does not come with a guidebook but we are given our own intuition to listen to.  How to tell if you are not listening to your intuition?  You wake up in the middle of the night, have headaches, your back hurts, you have no appetite, your stomach hurts or your body in some other way screams at you that you’re not in balance.  By listening to our own intuition, we are being true to our self.  Our true deep down to the core (literally) self. 

By listening to our intuition and moving away from being solely mind focused, we can let go of constantly reacting to the world around us.  We can stop trying to control what is happening to us and instead realize that our gut and heart will give us the strength to not be a victim to any situation.  We can even look at things that happen and realize that you do not need to mark everything as good or bad and attach emotion to it.  Our intuition tells us what we can do to be true to ourselves.  Something happened but that does not define who I am. 

So, I invite you to take a day to be aware of what your intuition tells you without letting your mind take over.  Do you want to cancel dinner with a friend so that you can get some sleep or just the opposite and call someone whom you have wanted to spend time with and grab a drink together.  Life is too short to live with regrets and life is also too short to live in a reactive state.  Embrace this beautiful life we have each been given.   Your spirit and the world will thank you.

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