30 Day personal Revolution, Day II

I’m sitting at my desk at work, as an assistant in the executive offices of a Fortune 50 Company… in my yoga clothes.  It is Wednesday.  It is not even 9:00am.  This is not my typical attire but all the ‘guys’ are at the corporate offices so I’m going to take my lunch hour this morning and hit a yoga class. 

Once a year, the woman of Saraswati kick it up and ask that their students try a 30 day Happiness Revolution.   Due to my dogs passing and a horrible cold that developed along with some other things, my practice essentially stopped.  I continued to teach (but had to cancel 4 classes which broke my heart) and missed a once in a lifetime vacation opportunity which also ended a friendship.  so, I stalled.  My happiness?  Maybe it could have been found via a sitcom or cocktail but it wasn’t residing inside of my heart like it does when I’m practicing yoga regularly. 

The wake up call

We were looking at Petfinder.com.  Yes, the porn of dog lovers.  There were SO many dogs that need loving homes but at the top of my bulldog page popped up a picture of a guy that was new.  There were pictures but I knew he was better looking than what the showed.  I knew he had more personality and love to give.  Flash forward 1-1/2 weeks and Buddy is sleeping on our bed, giving Paul kisses on his head.  We are laughing and I feel joy.  I feel happiness that I haven’t felt in a while.  It’s time to get back to yoga and rekindle that fire.  My friend Reena is celebrating her own personal happiness revolution, taking classes when she can (she works at the same company so her schedule is wacky also) and doing what she can to keep on track.  She once again inspired me to try this out.  So, I am ready – it is early November and I think with the holidays and vacations coming up, I should be able to make yoga most days.  I am now on day II. 

I am already feeling joy in my heart.  Last night’s class with Mitchel kicked it off celebrating the Festival of lights happening in India right now.  This is the brightest moon of the year.  Look outside this evening and you will see a beautiful moon.  Breathe in that moons glow and make it yours.  Find that power, that sliver of potential brightness within and flow with it.  That is the beauty of yoga.  Breathing in life.

I think we should all have our own personal revolution.  Find the sliver of your optimal self and move yourself in that direction.  Open your heart to life.

With love,


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