Willing the universe

Brahman, sanskrit.  The One with auspicious qualities.  Brahman is infinite.

We wonder if things happen for a reason.  Those uncomfortable things that we want to run from get thrown in our faces over and over and over until we see them there and are able to shake its hand, welcoming what is uncomfortable to be comfortable. 

Two stange things have happened recently:

First, I missed Thursday Open yoga at 6:15 so I hopped into a Basics at 6:30.  I introduced myself to the teacher and talked about being a teacher in front of the class.  Half way through the class, there was a medical emergency and she was called out.  Another student in the room then suggested that I take over.  A few other students agreed and there I was.  Granted, it was only a few poses before the other teacher responded but I was placed in that awkward moment where I needed to be present.  My mind raced and my insecurities were present.  I shook it off just enough to teach.

A few days later, with plans to spend a couple days with my beautiful cousin, I went into NYC earlier than our meeting time and took a class at Virayoga in SoHo.  I found it by Googling “Anasura New York” and their name was near the top of the list – there was no more science to it than that.  A quick N train ride took me one block from their studio on a second floor walk up.  It was an intimidating but welcoming space.  A large loft, one room with a desk, shoe cubbies, etc.  My mat was rolled out and I was greeted by the instructor, Vanessa with kindness.  I told her who I was, she knows Mitchel, welcomed me and walked off.  The flowing and thoughtful class somehow empowered me to go deeper into many poses than I have been able to recently.  mid-class, she introduces us to handstands and how we will be spotting each other.  We use a man starting in down dog, then she goes on to sample an advanced pose.  She calls me to stand in Uttanasana and spots me into a pike handstand.  I did it (with some help).  I moved back down to the mat and met applause. 

It was my coworker that made the connection for me.  My cousin is going through some similiar experiences in her life and I have to wonder if the auspiciousness of willing a certain life in our direction happens but not always how we expect.  It provides us with the space to grow, expand our current level of understanding and the infinite wisdom of the universe.  It will keep putting those lessons out there for us until we can greet that part of ourselves, with a warm, confident, open-hearted handshake.

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