waves of change

Mmmm, good morning. It’s a snowy Thursday morning. Change is happening constantly and I’m reminded even more on morning’s like this that life is a series of changes. We either learn to balance to glide gracefully on the choppy waters or be swallowed by the smallest of waves. Personally speaking, my yoga practice greeted me with gentle waters and threw in a larger wave every so often that initially brought me to tears. In yoga, you learn to breathe through the waves, like boating, you don’t face waves head on but greet them at an angle and at a speed similiar to the wave. You literally go with the flow. In the book Light On Life, B.K.S. Iyengar describes life’s frictions simply: the only thing that is static in the universe is our faith. But hopefully, if we are doing it the right way, our faith in the universe, our faith in whatever form makes sense to us, does change. It grows stronger, it morphs and what seems like an important feature in one moment may be replaced by another feature. It’s simply the quantity of faith that remains static.

This past year I have met and am getting to know many different people. When you meet someone for the first time, they represent unlimited possibilities. They are shiny but beige. You spend time with them and have new experiences, break bread and you understand that the shininess is based on years of life experience and personal tastes and maybe the shininess is less of a chrome and more of a crystal shine. The beige is a superficial, protective sheath and upon learning more about how that individual views life, their curiosities, interests, how they choose to experience this world and even the foods they love, they develop a kind of color to me. Is this person teal? cool and watery (going with the flow), purple that is stating a confident presense or yellow (excitedly comforting), navy reliably spunky, or the ones I have to watch for, blood red. Those are the ones that react to life’s changes rather than riding through them. The yoga brings me back. It reminds me to be mindful of the company I keep. I am after all, the company I keep. So I continue: do I allow myself to get caught up in perspectives rather than honestly trusting my intuition and reason? Do I disregard intuition or worse, do I take for granted my many wonderful relationships by being caught up in the future of what life should look like rather than just being present with what is happening in each moment? I know how I got to Connecticut and I know that I won’t stay here for years but right here and now, it is the perfect place for me to be. My life brought me to this moment and I get to choose how to experience it. Each breath offers an opportunity to make a deision that will lead me to the next perfect place.

So, with my beautiful friends & family by my side through life’s changes, I want to share this moment. We don’t know how long we have together nor do we know how our colors will change (they will) but in this moment, you are perfect to me.

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