with spring comes the opportunity for rebirth.

‘In some fundamental way, we are all in total control of our destiny.Because destiny is what we build each day with our correct action.With our work, our Dharma, with the actions that are in complete abeyance to the Law of our Being. Now that’s precisely what makes it so crucial that you should never again see your life in terms of one singular existence, but rather try and imagine as if it were like the water…….see that rain? Well our life is like the water that tumbles from the sky and into the stream….and then some day, the stream arches into the river. Running with a mad fever, this river heads for the ocean. Where it rests and plays. See? But before you know it, that same bead of water will rise up from the ocean’s chest and soar into the great old sky to become the cloud it came from…and so, life starts over & over again. Thunder unfrees the drop, lightening announces its return and the earth sighs at its inception…oh, the old sky we all are, and the ocean we will always be’
 The Last Song of Dusk by Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi

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