The deliciously beautiful weekday routine.

I kiss the ground. I kiss the sweet morning air with my heart. Another day. Another beautiful, deliciously routine Wednesday is in front of me. I’m off to the office. Everything we do in our life, really, honestly, is a choice – even non-action is a choice. We have our routines because we slowly move in the direction of what we most enjoy in our life (for the most part,flossing aside). We take a certain route to work, we drink a certain type of coffee, we have a favorite printer, we seek pleasure. Our daily routines truly are manifestations of years of pleasure seeking. We seek the extraordinary out of the ordinary. So, if our days are mini manifestations of pleasure, why do we let a day go with little acknowledgement because it is our routine?

Being present in a moment sounds great if you’re on a beach but the office or in front of your laptop seems a bit more challenging but actually, it’s as simple as your breath. Take a deep breath, feel your body move on the chair, are you feeling achy or tired? Let’s flip this around, what feels good? What are you feeling or seeing that is actually pleasant? Don’t deny that seeing your San Francisco coffee mug doesn’t give you a glimmer of joy inside. The thing is, we are conditioned to not recognize that because our society is all about fixing what is not working – yoga turns our world upside down and says, lets start with what is perfect. So, I challenge you to observe – seriously, be thankful for that Tuesday morning staff meeting because it is there and predictable and there is something sweet about that. Flip your perspective. It’s a lot like yoga. No, it is yoga. Because for anyone that has not done yoga, it looks like people moving slowly through some stretches. For those that practice yoga, you understand that it is a lot like looking at a smooth river. It might be beautiful and glassy on the surface but underneath there is a powerful current and if we’re not mindful, life can sweep us away. It is up to us to be in each moment to know that we have a choice about how we are going to perceive an experience. I’m choosing to experience mine with gratitude.

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  1. I’m hoping this makes sense since I’m super tired!


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