A little bit o’ Lakshmi

Lakshmi, the Goddess of Abundance, is a great goddess to keep around. You’ve possibly met a Lakshmi or Laxmi depending on the preference of person that named her. I’ve met an accountant whose guru appropriately named her Laxmi. She is blonde and wears a little carved jade Ganesh around her neck. Ganesh being the elephant head on the baby body and known as the remover of all obstacles. Lakshmi and Ganesh are a great paring. Ganesh: get out of your own way because you’re the one that is in the way and Lakshmi: once you’re out of your own way, you experience life’s abundance. This does not represent solely monetary abundance but rather fullness. It’s the cup cup runneth over fullness that you can almost taste. It is life so full that you long for little else. When you have so much – so much love, friendship, support, sunshine and fresh air, you draw these things back to you. Aren’t we ultimately attracted to the things that make us feel abundant? It’s universal law.

Sometimes we get stuck in routines where life can feel a little gray and dulled. We feel trapped and a bit stuck with our routines. The beauty of the paring of Ganesh and Lakshmi is if we keep reminding ourselves to get out of our way (stop the thoughts that impede us) and open ourselves up to recognize how much we have, the opportunities present themselves to us. Gifts don’t always present themselves as you might hope but definitely, as the universe wants you to experience it.

With love and abundance.

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