diary day 6

It’s been a week. My life shifted direction a week ago but I’m not really sure how. It never really feels different since I’m still waking up with myself in the morning and the crazed chipmunks still pace outside my door in search of dried food (OK, I feed them every so often because I love their racing stripes). I’m the same but things are different. It’s up to me now to decide all terms. I have fallen out of peoples favor, I have had to tell some that I’m going to do something they don’t like or something that doesn’t involve them. I’ve had to figure out what I’m about. It’s an on-going process, of course. The moment I stop, I die.

In search of input from the universe I’ve consulted friends, relatives, doctors, gurus, therapists and an astrologer. Knowing that none of them will have an answer but I’ve been seeking a perspective that I haven’t thought of on my own. One of the big ones that I got from the astrologer is to follow the passion of healing through my yoga. Heal myself, introduce yoga to others and the abundance happens. There have been little shifts in my mindset but I’m getting it now – stop giving away the yoga. I still love teaching friends and sharing information but when it comes to teaching at studios or subbing for free, no longer. I donate in home sessions to charities as a way to give back but for it doesn’t seem worth it for people that are not really committed to it. I’ve decided to give up my Satuday outdoor garden class in exchange for doing in home private sessions. It’s a double edge sword since this takes me out of circulation and the opportunity to meet new clients. But at this point, it feels like the right thing to do. A (hopefully) steady income throughout the winter. I’ll decide what to do with the garden next spring. There’s something about practicing next to a bullfrog that can’t be beat. xoxo

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  1. Go Kelli! Charging just means you value your work and others will to. Proud of you!


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