jumping back onto the yoga mat

Another weekend intensive of 14 hours plus 1.5 hours assisting in classes is behind me. This one, the third in the series, amazed me. We discussed the rasas and essentially what we’re bringing to the table of life. We discussed how we guide classes from one emotion to a higher emotion. How we can suggest that someone that is the warrior as a defense mechanism might make an extraordinary warrior of life and love. We spoke of concealment and revealing and how to expose your true self to your students without giving specifics that might make yourself vulnerable. The class is, after all a way of giving to your students, not about your own work.

The weekend was about realizing that we might all be broken but those of us in yoga are choosing to look deeper to see the source so we can move beyond it. It’s raw and ugly but the opportunity to experience life is beautiful and, for lack of a better word, life is glittery. I woke this morning with a simple thought “any discussion of god, is just a meta discussion”. Just as any discussion of love is meta as well. It could also be said that no matter how much you give to others, unless you’re taking care of yourself, those that love you, suffer. Breath that for a while and let me know your thoughts. ❤

Coming out of the weekend not only did I wake up with my body & mind tingling with excitement, I've found myself truly and deeply committed to this journey I am on. I trust fully that all of this work I am doing will open doors for me, or at the very least, allow me to see open doors that I otherwise would not see. I have canceled a few casual get togethers with friends where the plan was to essentially meet at a bar and am nourishing myself with books and music.

with love.


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