You’re not missing out

Last winter I started meditating. It is not regular but I try for 12 minutes per day at least a few times per week. Sometimes it is every day and other times it is a couple weeks. What is developing is a message that comes to me after many of the sittings. It’s a theme or something to carry with me beyond my 12 minutes. Everyone that meditates gets something different out of the process. I would like to think it is exactly what the individual needs. If you’re struggling with meditation, good. That’s the point. Keep struggling and when you’re done and surrender to it, you’ll receive the purpose of the meditation. It’s beyond explanation. So, at around minute 15 tonight, I jumped off my mat and wrote the below thought into my journal. Like all of my writing, I don’t edit, I just free flow write. Spelling and grammatical errors included. The point is nothing beyond the feeling of where I am at when I write. So, my apologies and enjoy.

You’re never missing out on anything because where you are is perfect.

It may feel at times as though you could or should be doing something else but if you are mindful & present in your life, you are exactly where you are supposed to be in a way that serves you and the universe to be your highest self. Even if this means sitting in traffic or god forbid, a hospital waiting room. There is an opportunity to find a silent moment, a flicker of time when you can connect with your deeper self and find that it all makes sense. Life’s gifts do not flow in one lump sum but rather, these pauses in between are what allows us to breath and reflect and appreciate what is and has been. And with that, take another inhale before life’s next gift presents itself.

When we don’t take these pauses as gifts, it is too easy to begin seeing things as non-positive or just negative. Traffic becomes what holds you back. It becomes an excuse. When we start on the path of excuses, we shut ourselves off to the things that want to embrace us.

The excuse, the reason, the justification of why something is not, closes us off to opportunity. What if instead, we take responsibility and trust that the universe is not out to get us. The universe is neutral. By choosing our perspective, we choose what we are welcoming in. We are choosing to nurture the good, even if it feels like a tiny embryo, the embryo grows into a larger being. We choose what we welcome into our life. Those choices become our day, our week, month, year, decade and life. If we’re constantly thinking we’re supposed to be somewhere other than where we are, very often we have closed ourselves off to the signals that could have guided us to the next exit and adventure.


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