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I’ve been living out of my large Longchamp bags for three months with my belongings in storage. I’ve put 7k miles on my car and laid my yoga mat in dozens of studios. I’ve now landed near Monterey, California awaiting acceptance for a very California style bungalo rental that I will share with my cousin. School starts in two weeks and I just landed a very part time job at a design firm… in Pacific Grove. I now need to locate yoga studios where I can teach 5-10 classes per week.

Since March, I have learned a lot of things like 1) Friends remain friends regardless of distance and friends like postcards and letters 2) Om Shrim Hrim Lim Mahalakshmi Nama 3) When taking a yoga class, you can learn something from even the most interesting yoga teachers 4) I’ve met some wonderful women that will be lifelong friends at yoga conferences 5) On mornings when I was freaking out about not having an income, jumping out of corporate America into school and a saturated market of yoga instructors, I trust the universe/Faith that I’m following my dharma and breathe – that moment always passes and I sit with gratitude for the opportunity 6) No matter where I am, I am home 7) when you decide to follow your path, you fall in love with life and you see the beauty in everyone you meet and if they’re also open, they recognize it in you. The deepest loves keep you grounded; you are the company you keep.