Don’t be afraid to change your mind

Isn’t it strange how we convince ourselves that by doing something we’ve heard is good for us, we fear we will lose ourselves?  We are not transendental.  We always remain who we are but as Mitchel points out, maybe through practice, the center of who we were, is not as important as it once was.  What this means is that our lives, filled with running errands, meetings with friends, late night TV, information in and information out without regard for letting that information settle in.  How many of us do most of our thinking about life while we are driving or on the train to/from work?  How many of us are willing to take seven minutes out of our day to sit still and let everything you’ve done in the past twenty-four hours to be processed in a mindful way?   

It seems with the busyness of life, we lack those moments of quiet time – even while driving to work you are still using your subconscious mind to get yourself to work.  What if you shut that auto-pilot off also – for seven minutes?  You’ll take seven minutes to give yourself great abs, why not seven minutes to build a great life?  In my mind, it seems that people do not do this because they don’t even realize this change is there and possible, or what it means. 

 You cannot explain to someone that their life will look different even though nothing has changed, without a reaction of ‘oh no’.  Fear of the unknown scares the crap out of people.  Out of human nature, people are drawn to stay with what is familiar regardless of the pain and suffering they may be in.  How many people were poor and starving in Europe yet only a small percentage of people, with nothing to lose, chose to come to the US or Australia?  Their lives, who they were, never changed but they took a chance and experienced new possibilities.  Attempting to describe something to someone that has never experienced it is incredibly difficult and those that are not willing to try something new, to look at life with a different perspective, remain the same.  Life offers enough risks and challenges in the physical world, why not take seven minutes a day to find out what might change in your life if you change your mind?

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